Company of Tree-Treaders


One of the problems we have encountered during our first year of tree-growth in the woodland has been the prolific growth around the trees. This has affected the growth of some trees by restricting their growing space and the light that they can get. Spraying around plastic‑tube protected trees has given them a bit of breathing space, but not enough to keep them clear. We could not spray around mesh-protected trees (mainly Scots Pine) and Yews, as spray-drift could have damaged them, and these have had to be hand-cleared.

Strimming closely around the trees is difficult and needs great care and concentration to avoid damaging them irreparably.

Experience shows that the simplest way to provide the trees with growing space is to tread down the growth around them by carefully walking round the trees.

However; there are about 7,500 trees and the growth does spring back up over time, and it is a “painting the Forth Bridge” exercise! So – we need help and have decided to form a dedicated band to be known as “The Company of Tree-Treaders” to control the unwanted growth and help the trees in their efforts to grow and develope.

The Company of Tree-Treaders


The Company of Tree-Treaders (The Company) is being formed to protect the trees in Crick Jubilee Wood (CJW). It costs nothing (except time) to join The Company and is a pleasant, and absorbing, way to spend a few minutes in the open air and see the trees develope.

The Aim of The Company is to promote the growth and health of the trees by walking through the planting and:-

  1. Where grass and unwanted growth is tending to overwhelm the young tree, carefully treading down the growth around it to give it space to grow.
  2. Checking inside the protector and gently removing any unwanted growth from inside.
  3. Hand-clearing round Yews and trees protected by mesh protectors (mainly Scots Pine).
  4. Spraying round trees protected by plastic tubes.
  5. Strimming tall grass over a wider area.

The Company will be administered by a Council of three people, led by “The Great Oak”.

Anybodymay apply to become a “Companion”. They will be given a demonstration of how to tree‑tread and, once they have become proficient at tree-treading (probably after treading around 10 to 15 trees), they may be offered a position as a “Companion of the Company of Tree‑Treaders” (CCTT or Companions) by the Council. This will allow them to carry out Action 1 at any time.

If Companions have shown due diligence and expertise in the art of tree-treading, they may be offered the position of a “Grand Companion of the Company of Tree-Treaders” (GCCTT or GC) by the Council. GCs will be limited to 20% of the total numbers (up to a maximum of 10) in The Company and be given training in Actions 2 to 5 above.

A list of the Companions and Grand Companions will be published on our web-site.

Tree-treading may be done at any time (with the exception of Actions 4 and 5) to suit your own schedule.  We shall be having tree‑treading sessions (to include Actions 4 and 5) most Wednesdays and Saturdays (weather permitting) between late April and end October, when grass growth is at its most prolific, from about 1100.